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Looking to kill some time? Then check out these crazy reality TV ideas! Every day I will add a new, probably over the top, concept for a reality TV show; I figure there is no way I can do much worse than what is already on TV. Remember, this all just for fun (unless of course one of my ideas is picked up by a television network, in which case I expect some compensation), so do not be offended by anything. Enjoy!

Wednesday, July 21, 2004

The Baptist and the Boozer

One Bible-belt Baptist from dry-county USA, check.  One full-blown drunk, check.  One studio  apartment, check.

For one full month a devout Baptist and a drunken slob will live together in a small studio apartment in San Francisco.  If they make it the full month without quitting on each by moving out, they both win $300,000 a piece.  If a contestant quits, they are awarded no prize money; the remaining contestant is awarded $30,000.  The reduced prize for the remaining contestant is incentive for them to try and keep the other person on the show, even though that may be the last thing they want.

To make things interesting, the drunk must hold a Bible study with the Baptist for an hour every day, and it has to be interactive, so as the drunk cannot just sit there and fall asleep while the Baptist preaches to him.  The Baptist must spend an hour a day in the bar with the drunk, and pick the drunk up from the bar if ever a ride is needed.  They will also have to accomplish different teamwork oriented tasks every few days.

Will the Baptist be driven to drinking?  Will the drunk be brought to the light?  Tune in and watch!


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