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Looking to kill some time? Then check out these crazy reality TV ideas! Every day I will add a new, probably over the top, concept for a reality TV show; I figure there is no way I can do much worse than what is already on TV. Remember, this all just for fun (unless of course one of my ideas is picked up by a television network, in which case I expect some compensation), so do not be offended by anything. Enjoy!

Sunday, August 08, 2004

Day Laborer

Here is a quick way to build up your resume - get a different job every day for one month. That is what the contestants of Day Laborer will be doing.

Ten contestants will be given housing in a New York City apartment for one month. The contestants will be comprised of people who do not have experience doing manual labor, which working as a day laborer often involves. Each day they will have to go and find a different job as a day laborer. The person who makes the most money in the one month period wins $250,000. Contestants cannot work for the same person twice, but they can do the same type of work more than once (for example: they can unload crates at the docks more than once, but not for the same person). If a contestant cannot find work for the day, they are out of luck. Also, contestants cannot participate in illegal activities; sorry, no pimping or hooking allowed. But the jobs they can find should still be interesting, and remember, they are not used to getting their hands dirty.

If you are looking for the chance to score a lot of fast cash and want to build up your resume, be sure to audition for Day Laborer.


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