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Saturday, August 14, 2004

The Director

Remember the movie "The Blair Witch Project?" That movie was absolutely awful. It was not scary in the least, and it was horribly boring. According to The Internet Movie Database (, the budget for the movie was an estimated $35,000. Granted, that is an extremely low budget, but it is still no excuse for making a movie that horrendous. After watching it, I was seriously mad and wanted the hour and a half of my life I had just wasted back. I am so confident a better movie can be made with the same budget, that I am giving five unknown directors the chance to try. My guess is five better movies will be produced.

The Director will follow the directors as they film their movies. Once the five movies are completed, they will be available as downloads on the website of whatever network decides to air them, and will be shown in select theatres throughout the United States. The reason for not airing them on TV is because the directors would then have to follow TV guidelines, and I do not want them to be constrained in that manner. So, unless HBO or Showtime decides to pick up the series, the five movies will have to be either downloaded or seen in theatres.

Where is the competition you ask? I was getting there. When the movies are made available to the public, a poll will be placed on the network's website to vote for the best movie. The polls will be open for one month, to ensure that everyone has ample time to view each movie. At the end of the month, the movie with the most votes is the winner. The director who wins will then be given $5,000,000 to produce a movie, which will be a large scale theatrical release, and will have the promotional costs paid for by the network.

Think you have directing chops and want to test them? Pitch your concept to The Director. Want to see a low budget movie worth watching? Watch The Director.


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