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Looking to kill some time? Then check out these crazy reality TV ideas! Every day I will add a new, probably over the top, concept for a reality TV show; I figure there is no way I can do much worse than what is already on TV. Remember, this all just for fun (unless of course one of my ideas is picked up by a television network, in which case I expect some compensation), so do not be offended by anything. Enjoy!

Monday, August 09, 2004

Garage Band

I know you are all thinking you have seen this before on Making the Band and whatever the name of that show was on VH 1 (was it Band on the Run?), but I assure you, this will be different.

First, the bands on this show will already be formed. This show is not about assembling a band.

Second, the bands on this show will not be touring the nation, playing gigs in big cities. The bands on this show will all be unsigned and completely unknown. They will be in the earliest stages of a band. They will only have a few shows, at most, on the local level, and by local I mean they are playing shows in their home towns only. And by home towns I mean they are from cities with populations under 50,000, and are not a suburb of a larger city. Basically, they are garage bands in the literal sense.

So if the bands are this small-time, what on Earth is the show going to be about and what are they competing for? The winning band will receive a free recording deal and a gig in a major city (New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Detroit; something along those lines).

There will be five bands on the show, each from a different city. In each city they are from, a battle of the bands will be put on featuring these five bands. The band that finishes the highest overall, which will be determined by the sum of the percentage of votes they receive in each city, is the show's winner. In the event of a tie, the tied bands will compete one more time in a neutral city.

This will be music in its rawest form. It may be good, it may be bad, but it will be original and pure. Be sure to watch, because you just may be witnessing the fledgling stages of a major headliner.


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