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Looking to kill some time? Then check out these crazy reality TV ideas! Every day I will add a new, probably over the top, concept for a reality TV show; I figure there is no way I can do much worse than what is already on TV. Remember, this all just for fun (unless of course one of my ideas is picked up by a television network, in which case I expect some compensation), so do not be offended by anything. Enjoy!

Monday, August 16, 2004


Too short to play in the NBA? Too little to play in the NFL? Lack the hand-eye coordination to be a baseball player? Is your short game lacking when you play golf? How many decent sports are left for you? At least one is: horse racing.

Jockeys will feature ten contestants who will train to become jockeys. The show will take place in Kentucky, where the contestants will be taught how to race horses by other jockeys. There is no elimination factor involved in this show, so it will be more of a feature on overcoming emotional strife. On the show's finale the new jockeys will have their chance to test the new skills in an actual horse race.

So if you are into horses and short men, be sure to watch Jockeys.


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