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Looking to kill some time? Then check out these crazy reality TV ideas! Every day I will add a new, probably over the top, concept for a reality TV show; I figure there is no way I can do much worse than what is already on TV. Remember, this all just for fun (unless of course one of my ideas is picked up by a television network, in which case I expect some compensation), so do not be offended by anything. Enjoy!

Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Street Evangelist

Christianity seems to have a bit of a monopoly when it comes to crazy street evangelists. Maybe people would be more inclined to listen if they had something else offered to them. That is exactly what Street Evangelist intends to do.

Five people will create their own original religion and preach it on the streets of Los Angeles, California. Why there? Because people will buy into anything there. The street evangelist who has converted the most people by the show's finale is the winner. A convert is defined as someone who will either help preach their religion on the street or will hand out pamphlets to people passing by. The evangelists will also be allowed to put out a collection jar; in the event of a tie, the evangelist who has collected the most money will be declared the winner. The prize is $100,000.

Be sure to watch a bunch of gullible idiots be had on Street Evangelist. Coming this fall! (Not really, but you can imagine.)


At July 18, 2005 at 8:13 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is something else. The Fort Collins Police Department has been referred to as Babies in Blue. We had the Yankees, and now another team hits the field! Catch it first!

Fort Collins, Colorado

Catch it first!


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